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Clients' testimonials

Find out about the opinions of satisfied customers with whom we have worked together to mutually achieve goals

Krzysztof Gąsior CEO & Founder of Iterative Engineering

Paul is an asset whom you basically want to be on board with you. His knowledge, professionality and emapthy define outstanding ground for cooperation. However, most importantly his accurate advices and direct actions provide us with great and undeniable results both sales and business development wise.

Mariusz Pietrzyk COO – Ragnarson

Paul has provided invaluable consulting services to Ragnarson over the years in areas related to client success. Namely in the areas of structuring software teams (appropriate roles), new service lines, customer offerings and upsell strategies.

I am the operations director at a software agency and Paul has run many one-day workshops for my management team and me. I believe his most important asset is his field experience, gained over 12 years developing a software business. For our challenges, he always has at least a few possible solutions (proven in practice). What's more, his advice is tailored to the organisation in question. Based on the time spent with him, I can describe Paul as committed and focused on the end value for his clients. I would recommend Paul's services to any company looking to improve and enhance their customer success efforts.

Mikolaj Lehman GMI Group

Paul has been supporting GMI for almost 2 years. No matter if you meet with him for 5 minutes or 8 hours, you can always be sure that Pawel will provide you with as much valuable knowledge as possible. The most important thing is that this knowledge is based on years of experience in different environments and situations. If you want to accelerate your conquest of the software development industry, then Paul will be an inspiring partner to support you. Highly recommended!

Wojciech Gawroński CEO & Co-founder of Pattern Match

Paul Majchrzak strategic expertise and knowledge of software development markets drove the creative in-depth digital marketing recommendations which he provided us in form of strategic planning workshops, company mission, vision, long term goals. He coached us and given the confidence to share the Pattern Match story widely, bringing our new business great results. He is one of the very best marketing consultants available for software development companies like Pattern-Match. "

Łukasz Wroński CEO & Co-founder of Gorrion Software House

Paul was consulting Gorrion for a few months to help the company grow and improve the marketing and sales strategy. He proved himself to be a great source of knowledge about the software industry and an inspirational coach. With Paweł, our organization become more mature and understood the direction we wanted to follow.

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