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Strategic workshops

Regardless of how long your business has thrived, a properly created strategic plan is a key element on which the organisation's continued growth depends.

Find out:
- how to create a strategic plan consistent with the founders' sentiments, including the following elements: vision, mission, values, SWOT analysis, action plan, annual goals and long-term objectives. Through a 2-day hands-on workshop, participants re-examine their original assumptions about business development or develop one from scratch to match prevailing market conditions and the organization's real capabilities.

Korzyści dla Twojej organizacji

Developing a vision as an aspirational statement of where your organisation wants to be in the future.

Describing the organisation's mission based on a clear and precise statement of what your organisation does, for whom and how

Clarification of the organisation's values on which it relies to achieve the goals in its vision and mission

Analyse your organisation's strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats so that you can focus on appropriate actions

Przebieg współpracy


Initial familiarisation with the organisation and gathering information about it and planning a workshop based on this.


Conducting the first day of the workshop with a summary of its proceedings.


Conducting the second day of the workshop with a summary of its proceedings.


Refine and present the developed strategic plan.

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