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Outbound marketing strategy

Wondering if it's possible to generate fewer marketing activities and sales opportunities in favour of better quality and a higher chance of conversion?

We will help you:
- Precisely define your company's ideal customer

- Focus your activities on a few of the most important, most valuable clients who are the most likely to sell

- Share with you ways to build relationships with customers

- Understand the challenges and buying intentions of each member of the buying group

Korzyści dla Twojej organizacji

Increased revenue through higher customer satisfaction, longer partnerships, upselling and cross selling.

Increased volume of sales opportunities.

Improved customer experience (precise reading of customer needs and matching appropriate solutions).

Increased sales conversions.

Przebieg współpracy


An introduction to Account Based Marketing that will give a new perspective on marketing activities.
Mastering how to post-sell and cross-sell to clients.


Collection of data on contractors.


Preparation of valuable and tailored content.


Personalised communication with contractors.

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