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Customer service consultancy for B2B services

Sales effectiveness is central to the sales team's operations.

Find out:
- How to effectively work on an appropriate sales strategy and methods of work of a sales team in order to achieve the expected results and for the team to derive job satisfaction and development.

We offer the sharing of knowledge and ways of action in the field of:

- How to improve the work of your team by looking for areas of possible improvement

- How to improve sales and team management

- How to use appropriate sales strategies and methods of their implementation

- How to enhance the customer buying experience

- How to forecast sales

- How to increase transaction volume

- How to shorten the sales cycle

- How to improve the sales conversion rate

- What tactics to use to acquire new customers,

- Where and how to start properly building your team, hiring, motivating, training and supporting

- How to enhance the customer experience with your sales team and organisation

What are the 5 sales methods that can inspire:

- Predictable Revenue Model ("Predictable Revenue Model" by Aaron Ross)

- Sandler selling (process and techniques for individual sales people and smaller sales orders)

- SPIN Selling (Selling with a focus on using the four types of questions in sales conversations)

- Customer Centric Selling (Empowering the buyer to visualise your solution as a way to solve their problem, detailed process and tools)

- Strategic Selling ("Strategic selling by Robert Miller and Stephen Heiman" 6 principles of extensive selling with high complexity)

Korzyści dla Twojej organizacji

Ergonomic sales processes, tools and methods.

Effective cooperation of the sales and marketing team.

Predictable results of your work.

Przebieg współpracy


Analysis of the operation, process and tools used by the sales team, understanding the objectives.


Analysis of the objectives and how sales and communication are managed with marketing and the integration of the activities of these two areas together with the tools used by the sales team, understanding the objectives.


Develop and implement improved processes within the team along with key performance metrics for sales activities.


Monitor team performance and sales management and implement improvements.

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