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Advice on marketing B2B services

A key area of an organisation's growth is appropriate marketing activities that translate into sales.

Find out how:
- how to work efficiently in the marketing team and cooperate with the sales department by means of appropriate processes, tools, performance measures

- how to effectively manage marketing and the marketing team

- how to determine development paths in the marketing team, how to motivate and develop the team through appropriate methods

- how to set marketing goals and how to measure their progress

- how to create a marketing strategy for your organization based on the market situation, competition and your resources

- how to create a content ( "marketing strategy")

Korzyści dla Twojej organizacji

Predicted results of marketing activities based on proven and experimental methods of generating sales opportunities.

Przebieg współpracy


Analysis and understanding of how marketing and the marketing team have been managed to date, the processes taking place and the tools used in their daily work.


Jointly develop an action plan (short term, medium term and long term).


Work iteratively to implement the developed plan and measure results based on performance metrics.


Successfully implement new tactics to build the brand's competitive advantage in the marketplace.

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