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About company

Smart4Aviation is a company founded to provide web and mobile products and services to optimise, simplify and streamline airline operations. The company is committed to delivering high quality, cost effective, state-of-the-art solutions and development processes.


Multidisciplinary Scrum teams for software development based their work on a rather heterogeneous domain environment. This led to the concept of extending the team's experience with projects from the non-aviation domain. It was decided to develop this task together with a specialist in IT project acquisition for software development teams.


We gathered the business requirements for the software, advised on the technology stack, project scope, expected profile of the development partner. We provided a short list of software companies that can help build the software.


Sharing know-how and current conditions on the Polish software house market, the software house development process, do's and don'ts in cooperation. Assistance in challenging project phases.


The platform software was built on time. Thanks to this cooperation, both companies successfully completed their tasks and achieved their medium-term goals.

Future plans

A team of developers is constantly working to develop this digital product.

Final results

Project gallery


Contracting a development team for an international project > 12 months


Rentowność projektu

3 weeks

Project acquisition time

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