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About company

They offer solutions of full technology stack and software development services in the highest quality, on all existing platforms and devices. They believe that the diverse experience of all team members can enhance the AR VR content development process, with each member able to contribute their own creative element.


The company's management was not satisfied with the results of the marketing campaign. It decided to seek help from an experienced and proven consultancy firm.


We created an efficient process that led to the start of the project within 3 weeks.


Sharing know-how, tools and best practices for connecting with new leads and inviting them to meet at major industry events to help grow your business.


The team was empowered with solid know-how, a plan that was supported by a multi-stakeholder working methodology and tools that made the goal more achievable. The campaign was planned for Q1, Q2, Q3, Q4 2020. Shortly after the campaign, another issue arose. It was the Coronavirus and the cancellation of mass events around the world.

The number of people who said they wanted to meet at an event increased by 27%."

Future plans

The studio is planning further interactions for this and next year's campaign. It is interested in collaborating on content marketing strategy.

Final results

Project gallery


Increased rate of invitations to meetings


Increase in coverage rate


Filling in the appointment calendar windows

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