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About company

Neti - European-based software house boutique with a focus on web and crypto solutions.
Neti deliver custom-made dedicated software. They help their partners by technical expertise which allow their partners to focus on business development. They specialize in Web development as well as blockchain (especially Ethereum and Solidity). Business-oriented, keen to build long term relations and grow with their partners.


The organization's thirteen years' experience in implementing projects in Poland and internationally allowed it to get to know various models of cooperating with clients, project management methodologies and to decide which of them were the most suitable for Neti Soft. The company of 30 employees has also found a niche in which it would like to specialise. There emerged a need to define a strategic plan of the company's activities for the next 3-5 years. The key aspect is to define the vision, mission and values of the company along with a proper planning of activities.


The cooperation with Neti Soft started with a 2-day stationary workshop at the customer's premises. During the workshop, the starting point was to define and specify a clear: mission, vision, values of the client's organisation. Paweł Majchrzak shared his experience and outlined possible directions of development. On this basis, during a substantive discussion with the members managing the organisation, a final model of action was developed, which was in line with achieving long-term goals. The areas of improvement included:
- sales and marketing
- people, i.e. the team
- software development engineering
- finance, administration and legal aspects


Stationary workshop during which we developed a plan to implement the defined areas of improvement.


The result of the workshop was the clarification of the vision, mission and values of the organisation, which are the basis for the implementation of the established action plan.

Future plans

Joint work on a defined organisational development plan between the neti Soft management team and Paweł Majchrzak.

Final results

Project gallery


Identification of a market niche for the services offered


Active marketing activities during 4 industry conferences


Reduction of the payment period

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