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About company

Software Development Agency providing software development services since 2012. 50 people company with offices located in Warsaw, Brussels, New York. Specialising in PHP, React, React Native technologies. They developed a range of digital products such as CRM, Food Delivery Management Platform, Booking management platform.


After a cursory analysis it turned out that United Arab Emirates and Persian Gulf are a perspective market which they would like to make more thorough market analysis as they haven't had informations about economic, legal, commerce, cultural aspects nor experience on these markets.


Netinteractive made lookout throughout consultants with experience on providing IT services on United Arab Emirates and Persian Gulf markets.


Confirmation of target markets and their hierarchy, potential contractors / customer groups in foreign markets. Analysis of the business environment, legal barriers, risks. A concept for entering a foreign market together with a projection of sales opportunities in the foreign market: including a sales model and distribution channels, presenting a price proposal. Indication of the most effective marketing tools and methods.


In-depth market analysis with focus on company profile was prepared in the form of a clear report. Tools and methods for building a market position are indicated.

Future plans

Netinteractive Business Development team will thoroughly take actions based on precisely prepared plan of market expansion on given markets.

Final results

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Selected Target markets


Initiatives of b2b service internationalisation

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